Heat Treatment Services

Pest Control Management in silos and bins


Pests in grain and food processing industries are worldwide known as a big challenge. Due to perfect environmental development conditions in food processing plants it is an extremely difficult to control pests efficiently especially in a tropical climate.

Heat Treatment for pest control in food processing plants is a well-known and proven technology which is used since years mainly in Europe, Japan and North America since Methyl Bromide was banned for fumigation in food processing plants.

Complete factories and plants are heated up to a temperature of above 50 degree Celsius for a period of 24-48 hours, with impressive results. Insects in each development stage die due to the increase of their body temperature. No chemicals are used!

Pest Control in Silos:

During plant fumigations or heat treatments, usually the storage silos are excluded of the treatment as most of them still contain product. In most of the plants it is from production planning point of view not possible to have all the silos empty at the same time. Therefore, each of the silos is fumigated individual according the availability and treatment schedule during the regular plant operation and production.

Challenges with silo fumigation during regular plant operation:

  • For each individual fumigation there are maybe approvals required from public authorities.
  • Public authorities such as police and surrounding authorities need to be informed about the fumigation.
  • Only external service company or company internal person with all the licenses, certificates and trainings can execute a fumigation.
  • During the fumigation the building or at least the area below and above the silos need to be evacuated and is not permitted to enter.
  • A phosphine fumigation needs at least 3-5 days for a successful treatment depending on the surrounding ambient temperature
  • Explosion risk (Phosphine)
  • Risk for employees

Termico Silo THT Solution for heat treatment in silos and bins:

The patented Termico Silo THT was specifically invented to perform heat treatment for pest control in bins and silos with a size of up to 500m3 during the full plant operation. The equipment can be installed on individual silos and operates automatically and energy efficient due to the recirculation air system.

Working principle:

Through a flexible duct, hot air is released in the discharge area of the silo and rises up along the silos walls. The air is extracted on top of the silo through a filter unit with a fan and blown out through the heating unit / flexible duct again. Due to the air discharge on the lowest point of the silo and the constant air movement, a equal heat distribution with in the silo is given and potential cold spots where pests can survive are eliminated.
Due to the rising hot air in the silo, the side walls are heating up and insects are coming out of the pores in the surface and die due to the hot ambient temperature in the silo.

Automatic Operation:

The Termico Silo THT is operating full automatically. As soon the preselected operation temperature is reached, the heat remains on this temperature for a predefined period. Afterwards the machine stops automatically, and all the equipment can be removed.

The overall treatment duration is usually divided in 2 phases:

  • Heating up phase (time to reach the pre-selected target temperature)
  • Exposure phase (predefined time what need to be kept with the pre-selected target temperature)

The overall treatment takes between 16-48 hours depending on ambient temperature, silo material and size.

Operation Safety:

The Termico silos THT is specifically designed to avoid any risk of dust explosions due to the low temperature. Through the filter system the heating elements of the machine are protected from any dust. Additionally, the heating elements are specially designed to operate with a surface temperature in the machine below 180 degree. (For dust explosion at least 280 degree are required)

Additional to the temperature control unit the machine contains a safety temperature sensor what causes a shut down in case of too high temperature.

Advantage of Termico Silo THT  heat treatment application compare to fumigation:

  • 100 % free of poison solution
  • No product contamination
  • No risk for employees
  • No authorization and cooperation with local authorities required
  • No annual trainings required
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution
  • Low energy consumption due to recirculation air method